Hori - Matariki Collection 2022

Our first Matariki collection consists of 3 prints and I must say they are a little bit fancy. These designs will be based on our interpretation of Matariki which will include our hopes and aspirations for the new year.  In true @thehori form we will do things a little different - so each year for the next 3 years we will add 3 designs so 3 more whetu or stars to this collection. 
Our first 3 whetu (stars) and designs are: Kia Tau Bro | Rereke | Reheko
Kia Tau Bro - Kia tau means to be calm - for this first design we hope to elaborate a bit further to add some context to Matariki. In this case, it is to be calm, relax and reflect on the year that has passed - it is also time to realign yourself (your stars) and think about what you want to do in the new year. This is the first whetu or star design of the 2022 Matariki collection. There will be 2 others whetu or designs Rereke and Reheko. And they are a part of a 3-year collection where every year we will release another 3 designs until all 9 stars of Matariki are done.
Rereke - Rereke in Māori means different. this design is about you Breaking the mould and being bold in your mahi or in life. So maybe this year you look to do something different and expand your hori-zons . This whetu (star) also looks to acknowledge people for their differences and that we as Ngāti Human are  better because of them.
Reheko - Reheko is the transliteration of “let’s go” and is the third whetu and design of this collection - my whakaaro is after you have taken time to reflect on the year - you have set some goals or pivoted to do something new - it’s time to go to mahi get that shit done - REHEKŌ.