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Hohepa ‘The Hori’ Thompson

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Boil Up Suit

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One of Aotearoa's most contriversial Artist.
HORI -  Fantail Art Print not one more acre CR"OWN" NOTHING Hori - Anthem's (Nick McFarlane) HORI - POI E PRINT


Art Collection

The Hori Collection of some of my mahi toi available to buy online.

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Home - Ōtaki.

It's Ōtaki, not Bro-taki

Matariki Madness 2023

Nau mai, Haere Mai

Te Chur-ch Cafe

Located right next door to our gallery on Moana Street - Ōtaki Beach. Come join us for a kōrero, kawhe and kai.

Te Whare Toi o Hori

84 Moana Street, Ōtaki - Aotearoa | NZ.

Opening Hours

Mon - Friday: Decolonized hours.

Sat - Sun: Decolonized hours.

The Hori Gallery

84 Moana Street, Ōtaki - Aotearoa.

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